Just you or a whole squad,

right now is the time to start

With DYNAMAXX’s Amazing product formulations, we have your entire day covered from the moment you wake, until you catch some ZZZ’s.

Elevate your goals to the next level, introducing the new B-LEAN CHALLENGE. The B-LEAN CHALLENGE is a simple and effective system to help you lose weight. It combines the 3 main factors you need to help CRUSH your goals, and B-LEAN.

Changing your life starts with changing your lifestyle, and that’s what this challenge is really all about. To begin, first, choose your pathway to join the challenge, (SINGLE or SQUAD).

Once you choose a pathway, simply order a WEIGHT LOSS PAK and join our community on facebook by clicking below.

The System


for the person that likes to take challenges head on.

Many people prefer to tackle a weight loss challenge on their own. You can go at your own pace, try out different recipes and exercise options, and manage your program the way you want to. The reward for this is that you get to stand in the spotlight on your own if you become one of our B-LEAN STARS! Go for it!

The System


Looking to lead your squad to success? Pave the way as a B-LEAN Squad leader, equipped with your own leader handbook.

Going above and beyond, you’re the leader of a Squad in the B-LEAN Challenge! You and other Sqadmates can take life by the horns and make a change for the better. As a leader your job is to encourage, support, and direct your squad, and it all starts with your own story. So gather your squad members, before photos weight, and start your journey today!


  1. Register To Join a Challenge
  2. Order a weight loss Pak
  3. Grab Your Resources
The System

The B-LEAN CHALLENGE runs four waves yearly. At the end of each wave , you may be eligible to win prizes and even be in the running to become our next B-LEAN Champion! Simply submit your results before the end of a cycle to participate. B-LEAN Champions are announced at DYNAMAXX’s annual convention.

  • Wave 1: June 1- August 31
  • Wave 2: September 1 - November 30th
  • Wave 3: January 1st - March 30th
  • Wave 4: March 1st - May 31st



In order to qualify for judging, you must submit four before and four after photos. If you miss the deadlines for any reason, please email for more information. Please follow the instructions for the best results:

The System
  • Full-body photos must be taken in the upright position.
  • Before photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks of your start date.
  • After photos must be taken and uploaded within two weeks of your Challenge end date.
  • High-quality photos (300 dpi) are recommended.
  • Photos must be 10MB or smaller.
  • Take photos using a white or light-colored solid backdrop for optimal visibility.
  • If possible, show a newspaper or the calendar app on your phone to mark your start date.


When you succeed at something big, you can’t wait to tell the world! And sharing your after story will inspire others to achieve healthy weight loss, and encourage greater participation in the B-LEAN Challenge. Please submit your after story with your after photos, no more than two weeks after your challenge end date.

The System


  • Your challenge goals and how you achieved them
  • Why you entered the Challenge
  • How DYNAMAXX products helped you
  • How you’ll motivate others to achieve success with DYNAMAXX products

  • Must be in English
  • 250-500 words

    Send us your results video as part of your submission with a simple click from your phone. Each video should be no more than 2 minutes in length, and should be shot so it shows you from head to knees (or feet). In the video make sure you tell us your name, and why you joined the challenge and what health transformations you’ve experienced including how much weight you lost. For example – “My name is Laurie Smith. I joined the B-LEAN Challenge because I wanted to have more energy to go play with my kids….” If you are experiencing problems with uploading your video, use the button below.

    Our CHALLENGE is easy to understand, follow, share, and even track.

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